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Antivirus and Firewall links

bullet McAfee Virus Page
bullet Network Associates Virus Page
bullet Symantec Virus Page
bullet Computer Associates' EZ Antivirus
bullet Site-Pro Generic Virus Page
bullet Microsoft Alert Help Page
bullet Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security
bullet ZoneAlarm Pro (Zone Labs)
bullet Tiny Personal Firewall (Tiny Software)
bullet Outpost Firewall (Agnitum)
bullet Kerio Personal Firewall (Kerio Technologies)
bullet lBackICE PC Protection (Internet Security Systems)

Helpful Support Links:

Email    Outlook email won't send - common causes

 Email Client Programs - PC

bullet Thunderbird: Mozila
bullet Eudora
bullet Microsoft Outlook
bullet Microsoft Outlook Express
bullet Mulberry
bullet Netscape Mail
bullet Pegasus Mail
bullet Pine
bullet PocoMail
bullet The Bat!


bullet Eudora
bullet SweetMail


bullet Applix Office by VistaSource
bullet ELMO
bullet Evolution for Unix/Linux.
bullet GNUS mail
bullet HancomOffice PIM
bullet Metamail 

Browser Downloads

bullet Mozilla Firefox
bullet Slim Browser
bullet Netscape
bullet Opera
bullet GhostSurf Pro
bullet Research-Desk Professional
bullet NoTrax
bullet Browser ADD-On's 

FTP Clients

bullet Blaze FTP
bullet WS_FTP
bullet FTP Commander
bullet Cute FTP
bullet AceFTP
bullet SmartFTP
bullet NetAnts

Website Editing Tools - PC

bullet Microsoft FrontPage
bullet 1st Page 2000 - Evrsoft
bullet Macromedia Dreamweaver
bullet Adobe Go Live
bullet Compose



Macromedia Dreamweaver MX




Website Ranking ,Visibility & SEO

bullet Webmajik
bullet Alexa
bullet Yahoo
bullet Google
bullet MSN 

Here are some other great open source apps for Windows:

bullet Audacity for sound editing
bullet WinSCP for secure file transfers
bullet GIMP for image editing
bullet Gaim for instant messaging
bullet X-Chat 2 for IRC
bullet VideoLAN for video playback (plays DVDs too!)
bullet nmap for port scanning
bullet Ethereal for packet sniffing (my {deity}
bullet PDFCreator to print any programís files to PDF
bullet TightVNC for remote control of other systems (& remote control for Windows box)
bullet GnuPG for encryption
bullet Cygwin for a real Linux command line inside Windows
bullet Rename-It! for batch renaming of files
bullet WinDirStat for finding out whatís eating up all my hard drive space
bullet Azureus for BitTorrent downloads
bullet eMule for Peer2Peer file sharing
bullet 7-Zip for archiving & unarchiving files

General Webmajik Support

For Other Needs take a look at:

YouSendIt for "sending large files too big for e-mail; easier to use than FTP"

Yahoo Mail "to setup dummy mail accounts (when you don't want to give out your regular e-mail address)"

PC Hell for "computer hints and tips to bring you back from the edge"

Tom's Hardware for "all you want to know about new technology"

PCTools for the Registry Mechanic - to help you "safely clean and repair Windows registry problems"

On-Disk.com for hard-to-find updates for Windows 95 (including Internet Explorer)

Howstuffworks to find out how anything (particularly computer stuff) works
Webmajik.com is the right choice for design, development, hosting and email solutions. Microsoft FrontPage is the right tool for getting the job simply done or let us train you on some of then new tools like web Expressions or Dream Weaver.

Webmajik offers 24/7 access and technical support with our standard website package. Call us and we will answer the phone live. When you need to change your strategy now, not next week, contact Webmajik by phone or email and we will help you today.


ALEX: President/CEO-Web Dev, Training, Email Services


MICHELLE: VP/CFO and Accounting

bullet General Support Questions: Here